Business + Real Estate Litigation

Kaplan Law LLC specializes in the litigation and successful resolution of complex business and real estate disputes. We combine the talent and reputation of "downtown" lawyers with the personal attention of leaner law firms. In each particular case, we work closely with our clients to create a strategy that will advance their interests, solve their problems, and achieve their goals as efficiently as possible.


We represent businesses and individuals in a wide variety of complex business litigation – including disputes over contracts, fraud, Chapter 93A and other business torts, unfair trade practices, fiduciary duties, non-competition agreements, intellectual property, and disputes among investors and principals of closely-held partnerships, corporations, LLCs and other business entities.

The following is a representative sample of the cases successfully handled by our attorneys:

+  Won a multi-million dollar verdict, after a three-week trial, for the world’s largest staffing and marketing firm against a voice over Internet protocol (VOIP) company.

+  Defeated a $350 million class action against a transportation agency alleged to have violated state and federal constitutional law. The firm’s attorneys beat what the press called a "Legal Dream Team," consisting of one of the nation's most famous class action lawyers, a former state Attorney General, and a former judge.

+  Obtained a successful settlement for an inventor and entrepreneur in a dispute in Federal Court with his business partners and the company that licensed his invention.

+  Defeated a large institutional investor’s attempt to freeze the accounts of an investment manager accused of misappropriating millions of dollars from a multi-billion dollar public retirement fund.

+  Won multiple damages under Chapter 93A – and a lien on a patent to secure the judgment – for the investors in an internet start-up company who were defrauded by the company’s principals.

+  Assisted the owners of a Beacon Hill brownstone in securing more than $2 million in insurance proceeds after a burst sprinkler pipe required one-third of the building to be gutted.

+  Prevented charges from being filed against a commercial cleaning company for failure to pay required overtime and benefits to its employees.

+  Obtained a favorable, six-figure settlement for the developer of a high-frequency trading platform whose business partners attempted to squeeze him out of the company.